Environmental Management

Mindarie Regional Council’s has an Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (EMMP) for its waste facility at Tamala Park. This Plan has been developed for companies who need to understand their environmental aspects and manage their environmental impacts. The EMMP is reviewed periodically to ensures that the results of on-going monitoring; changes in regulations, facility operating procedures, technological advances and community expectations are incorporated and continue to be appropriately address the environment.

Environmental Management & Monitoring Program 
The EMMP consists of three sections;


Site description and operating framework– provides background information on the requirements with which the operation of the facility must comply and the nature and sensitivity of the surrounding environment


Environmental management system (EMS) manual - provides a description of the main elements of the MRC’s environmental management system. The structure of this section mirrors the structure from the International Standard.


Environmental management plans. Each section provides a series of operational Environmental management Plans that address significant environmental aspects and impacts identified for the site. Each Environmental Management Plant contains:
  • A brief environmental description 
  • Environmental aspect and impact summary
  • Summary of legal and other requirements
  • Management program covering
  • Environmental objectives
  • Control programs to achieve those objectives
  • Monitoring programs to verify that objectives are being achieved and to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the management program
  • Targets aimed at achieving objectives


The images below are examples of aspects (bushland, wastewater treatment plant, community relations, flora and fauna) which are covered within the EMMP


Early Autumn Vetiver Grass trimmed at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, Mindarie Regional Council's, Tamala Park Waste Facility 2010.


Millipede Barrier, installed in 2010-2011 1km long. Located on the southern boundary of Mindarie Regional Council's Tamala Park Waste Facility.


Endangered Carnaby Cockatoos resting in a Native Myrtle outside the front door of the Mindarie Regional Council's main Administration Building at Tamala Park Waste Facility 2011.

View from Mindarie Regional Council's main Administration Building at Tamala Park Waste Facility 2011. Rehabilitation undertaken in 2009.

Last Updated: 4 Apr 2019
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