Environmental Policy & Procedure


To show that Mindarie Regional Council (MRC) is committed to pollution prevention strategies and compliance with legal and non-legal requirements.  MRC strives to undertake best practice environmental approaches to protect the natural environment and to minimise the social and environmental impacts associated with its landfill and recycling operations at Tamala Park. 

MRC is committed to:

  • Managing the facilities in accordance with the various legal regulations and other relevant non-legal environmental requirements
  • Promoting a ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and Dispose Wisely’ ethos to its staff and the wider community in its campaign on “Winning Back Waste”
  • Providing employees with information and training on environmental aspects pertaining to the facility
  • Actively mitigating pollution impacts and continuously improving the standard of environmental management through audits and reviews of the Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (EMMP), its objectives and targets
  • Communicating regularly with the local community on environmental issues and responding to any concerns regarding its operations promptly
  • Maintaining an audited environmental management system
  • Periodically reviewing the environmental aspect register, the objectives and measureable targets relevant to those significant environmental aspects identified by MRC

MRC Environmental Management Policy