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Please click here to view current News on Odour Management - MRC Odour Action Plan - August 2023.

Thank you for contacting Mindarie Regional Council (MRC), we appreciate you contacting us about your odour experience and the thought that it may emanate from the Tamala Park Waste Management Facility. The MRC acknowledges operating a landfill in a populated area such as Tamala Park is not without its challenges, and we understand the need to work with residents to mitigate any impact we may have as far as practicable.

To assist us in identifying any potential odour link to the Tamala Park Waste Management Facility, it is important we receive timely notification so we can investigate each event under the conditions the odour was experienced.  As this is your first time contacting MRC regarding odours, we would like to provide you with a Community Odour Registration Package to assist in lodging your odour notification.  This package includes:

  • Introduction Letter - Click Here
  • Odour Management Key Stakeholders Working Group (OMSK-WG) – Click Here
  • Community Odour Registration Form – Odour Identification Form - Click Here
  • Odour Point Source Aerial Map - Click Here

We recommend you read through this Odour information and fill out the Community Odour Registration Form – Odour Identification Form with assistance from the Odour Point Source Aerial Map.  Please email the completed Community Odour Registration Form – Odour Identification Form only to admin@mrc.wa.gov.au

Once you have lodged your odour notification and received a reply from us, your notification will be raised in the Odour Management Key Stakeholders Working Group meeting. Your email address will automatically be added to the mailing list to receive minutes.   Please note your personal information will not be minuted in the meeting. An example of odour events is shown below.


The rationale of this working group is to table odour complaints, discuss events, mitigation, operational practices, and inform the community of the outcome of these meetings.

We would also like take the opportunity to share a brief history of the facility and odour management practices currently being implemented.

When the landfill opened in 1991, the proximity of the facility to residents was markedly different to what it is today.  Burns Beach and Old Quinns Rock were the only suburbs around the facility, with a collective population of 5,000-7,000.  Fast forward to 2023, Kinross, Clarkson, Mindarie, Catalina, Ocean Keys and an additional 30,000 people are now within a 5km radius of the Mindarie Regional Council Waste Management Facility.  Wider Community Infrastructure has also increased, with Marmion extension past the facility to Quinns Rock and through to Yanchep.  Connolly Drive, Mitchell Freeway and all its associated main roads have also been constructed. 

To mitigate the impact of odours generated onsite, the MRC employs several strategies to limit the impact on surrounding residents. These include the use of microorganisms that consume odour-causing bacteria in water bodies, odour neutralising liquid sprayed across the landfill to eat odours, as well as odour-absorbing granules spread across the landfill's surface.  In addition to these programs, an onsite 5Mega Watt power station   extracts landfill gas under negative pressure (draws gas out of landfill like a vacuum cleaner) to mitigate odour and preventing the release of ozone-harming methane gas into the atmosphere and serving as an effective environmental control.

Thank you again for contacting us, we encourage you to complete the attached form and lodge your complaint with us so we can actively make steps to mitigating the situation.  


Chief Executive Officer of Mindarie Regional Council

This form provides odour records collected at the reporter’s premises by the reporter. Email your Odour Field Survey Form to admin@mrc.wa.gov.au for lodgement.

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