Carbon Emissions

Reducing Long Term Impact

The Mindarie Regional Council operates a landfill facility at Tamala Park.  The landfill generates Landfill Gas (LFG), through the breaking down of organic rubbish.  The landfill gas contains methane which is a potent greenhouse gas.  Due to the amount of gas being produced within the landfill and emitted from vehicles on site, the MRC is required to provide an annual emission total to the Clean Energy Regulator via the National Greenhouse Emissions Report (NGER). 

  • The MRC is continually reducing emission from the site and has taken the following steps to minimise uncaptured fugitive LFG emissions:
  • Landfill Gas in collected from the landfill via a service of extraction wells under the rubbish.  This gas is delivered to a power station, run by Energy Developments Limited, on site.  The power station combusts collected Landfill Gas to produce electrical power which is exported to the electrical grid.
  • The MRC will review, consider, and implement opportunities for ongoing development of improved gas capture options including capping, gas field mapping and extraction, bio-filters and rapid waste degradation options.  
  • Monthly monitoring of each landfill gas extraction well enables the well filed to extract available gas all year round.