Pest & Vermin Management Programs

The MRC manages Pest and Vermin at Tamala Park.  There are a number of legal requirements that the MRC must adhere to, one being the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007, land owners have an obligation to control declared pests.  Listed below is a short summary of the many management plans for declared pests and vermin:


6 weekly servicing on bait traps and surface sprays are undertaken.

Cat Management

Quarterly cat trapping occurs in operational areas and the surrounding bushland.  Cats that are caught are taken to the local vets and checked for microchip (returned home), virus and diseases.  If the cat is not feral and has cleared the medical it is sent to the local cat shelter for collection by owner or rehomed.

European House Borer

As MRC receives a lot of pine material, inspection of materials are routinely carried out. Untreated pine is sent straight to landfill and cannot be recycled.

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European Wasp

MRC is part of the Adopt–a-Trap program running by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

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Millipede Management

When required, shallow solar lights traps are located in the hot spots around site and traps are cleaned regularly of the caught millipedes.  

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Myrtle Rust

Myrtle Rust has the potential to be a biosecurity threat to the States biodiversity.  As such, the MRC takes this situation seriously.  This fungus (yellow power) infects native plants.  The MRC is using the Myrtle bushes at the weighbridge as a sentinels for the rust.

If in the event that Myrtle Rust is detected the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development will be notified.

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Jarrah Dieback (Phytophthora)

The MRC has two known species of Phytophthora on site, one of which was introduced from waste material being disposed on site.  A periodically monitoring program is undertaken for the checking, containment and treatment of the affected areas.  To date containment has been achieved and the plants are doing well considering the treatment is like a health kick drink every two years or so.  The disease is not curable, only treatable.  So if you think that your plants may be suffering from or died from phytophthora, please wrap it up (to contain the disease) before disposing of it.

Feral Animal Management leaflet