Mobile phones

The MRC is calling on local residents to not let a ridiculous reason get in the way of doing something good for the environment.

Recycle mobile phones

MobileMuster’s research into how many old mobiles there are in Australia found that there are more than 23 million old and unused mobiles phones going to waste in drawers, cupboards and garages across Australia. This means there are now the same number on average of old unused mobiles in a home as there are people. Research has also  shown that people have all sorts od strange reasons for holding onto their old phones.


mobile muster


The MRC is working with MobileMuster to ensure that all residents can recycle their old mobiles and accessories in a safe, secure and ethical way.

To help ensure these mobiles and accessories don’t end up in landfill residents can drop them off at Tamala Park or to other local MobileMuster collection points.

By recycling with MobileMuster over 90% of the materials inside your mobile phones will be recovered and made into new items. This replaces the need to mine non-renewable resources, saves energy, avoids future greenhouse gas emissions and protects our environment.'

Recycling your old mobile with MobileMuster is easy and free just:

  1. Drop them off at Tamala Park.
  2. Post them using a free reply-paid recycling satchel available from any Australia Post store.
  3. Go to to find your nearest drop-off points or download a mailing label.