Landfill Gas

Gas Plant Expands


More 'green' energy is flowing into Western Power's electricity grid from Tamala Park.

As waste decomposes landfill gas is produced. This gas is made up of a number of gases including methane gas. Methane gas is harmful to the environment being a significant ‘Greenhouse’ gas but it can also be useful as a fuel.

Methane gas extracted from the landfill is converted into electricity by the MRC's joint venture partner, EDL, at the onsite power station at Tamala Park. The power station, first brought into operation in 2004 and expanded in 2007, now has a generation capacity of 5 Megawatts being sufficient to provide lighting and power for about 5000 households under normal conditions. This making it the largest landfill power station and waste to energy project in Western Australia and one of the largest in Australia.

For more information about landfill gas and how it is captured and turned into electricity visit Landfill Gas EDL website by clicking here.

Gas Wells

Landfill gas plant