Fire Risk

All batteries pose a fire risk, after all they are designed to deliver a small electrical discharge. These discharges can ignite material, especially inflammable substances, surrounding them.

Tamala Park has had an increase in the number of small tipface fires lately. Investigations of these have shown that the majority are caused by incorrectly disposed of NiCd and Li batteries. These are the rechargeable type of batteries commonly found in laptop computers, cameras and many other small household electrical goods. Unfortunately these batteries are being dropped into household bins.

Fire on tip face Fire rubbish truck

Apart from the fire risk and the potential to create a far larger incident if the sparks caused by these batteries ignite some explosive fuel source, NiCd and Li batteries contain chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment.

These batteries and appliances that contain batteries should NOT be disposed of in either green lid household waste bins, yellow top recycling bins or on the verge for bulk verge collections. However there are many places where you can easily drop these batteries off for disposal and recycling.

These batteries should be disposed of at sites like:

  • Tamala Park Recycling Centre
  • Balcatta Recycling
  • in one of the many battery collection bins located throughout the metropolitan area
  • at schools who participate in the battery recycling program or
  • at Household Hazardous Waste collection days that are held on a regular basis.