Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

Electronic waste or e-waste as it is often called, is made up of discarded computers, televisions, video/dvd players and recorders, mobile telephones etc.

Australians have embraced this technology and have purchased these products in large numbers.  Unfortunately this means we also throw out a lot of them too.

E-waste items are made of materials that can be recycled.  In many cases over 90% of these can be recycled if they are disposed of correctly.  Also many contain substances that are toxic and should not be sent to landfill.

Please do not place your e-waste into the green household wheelie bin or out on the verge as part of your bulk collection.  Instead bring them to Tamala Park and Balcatta Recycling Centres or keep an eye out for any special e-waste collection days in your area.

At Tamala Park, we accept all types of electrical goods for recycling. If it has a cord or it runs on batteries, come drop it off for free!

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It’s Time to Let Go!

Every year Australians purchase over 2.4 million new computers. With an estimated 69% of Australians holding onto obsolete computer equipment, there is a strong probability that some of this product will end up in landfill.  Some electronic waste (or e-waste) can contain hazardous materials that can cause environmental harm if it enters ground water systems. E-waste can also contaminate other waste streams that would otherwise be recycled e.g. organics.

To help reduce e-waste going to landfill and ensure more materials are recovered and recycled, Mindarie Regional Council works with a number of partners to deliver a free drop-off and recycling program for the general public and small business.

Anyone can now visit the Tamala Park Waste Management Facility seven days a week, between 8am and 4:45pm to drop off their unwanted electronic equipment. Tamala Park Waste Management Facility is located at 1700 Marmion Avenue, Tamala Park.

See Fire Risk for further information.

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