Environmental Programs

The Council's Environmental Management Programs include the following commitments:

  • We’ll keep the law;
  • We’ll prevent pollution of the environment; and
  • We’ll keep getting better at looking after the environment and setting objectives and targets to help us achieve this.


All contractors and staff are required to work together with MRC to help us achieve our goals.

Mandatory Auditors Report (MAR) 2020
Landfill sites are known to potentially impact on the quality of the surrounding groundwater, as substances leach from the waste that has been landfilled (usually older parts of a landfill that are unlined).  
The Tamala Park landfill is licensed under the Department of Water and Environment Regulation. As part of its license conditions, it is required to undergo a Mandatory Auditors Report (MAR) - an independent review of potential issues resulting from the landfill.
The recently completed MAR identifies some potential issues if the MRC failed to operate with due diligence on these matters. The MRC accepts the findings contained within the MAR and has already made progress in implementing the recommendations.
Some of the review’s findings and recommendations include:
  • No further property development to the immediate north of the landfill site 
  • Groundwater not be used for drinking purposes without appropriate treatment and testing to confirm its suitability 
  • Continued use of personal protective equipment by employees 
  • Continued monitoring of landfill gas and groundwater
The MRC are currently working with the Water Corporation and the adjoining Tamala Park Regional Council to ensure the quality of groundwater from commercial bores continues to meet all standards. 
Groundwater testing occurs every six months to assess any impacts that the landfill may be having on groundwater. Based on the most recent test results there have been no contaminants detected outside of the landfill area which would have an impact on drinking water quality and human health. 
The Tamala Park landfill site is regarded as a best practice landfill operation, and as such we will continue to monitor the groundwater around the site and will take the necessary steps to help mitigate any future impacts on groundwater quality.
Last Updated: 7 Apr 2020
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