CCA Timber

Mindarie Regional Council (MRC) will accept limited quantities of CCA (copper, chromium and arsenic) treated timber for onsite collection at our Tamala Park transfer station.  Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) approvals have been obtained to facilitate this improved service to the community, with transport and disposal, facilitated by the MRC, to occur at an appropriately licenced third-party facility.

This improved service is offered in a limited capacity to both residential and light commercial customers.  Due to operational limitations, heavy commercial and industrial CCA loads will not be accepted at Tamala Park and as such these customers will be encouraged to visit our website for further information regarding alternative disposal options within the Perth metropolitan region.

General waste gate fees apply to both residential and light commercial CCA loads, subject to the following conditions:

  1. CCA contaminated loads must be declared to MRC staff upon arrival to site and will be subject to confirmatory testing,
  2. CCA contaminated loads in quantities less than or equivalent to domestic trailers/utes will be accepted 7 days per week during standard operational hours.
  3. Larger light commercial CCA contaminated loads exceeding these quantities will be accepted by appointment only, Monday - Friday.

The above conditions are in place to enable the MRC to actively manage this specific waste stream, whilst at the same time maintain compliance with DWER licencing conditions and ensure the long-term viability of this improved community service.

For further information contact the MRC administration office on (08) 9306 6303