The Tamala Park Recycling Centre Drop Off 
  • Drop off of second hand goods and recyclables open 7 days a week 8:00am - 4:45pm
  • Public opening hours: 8.00am to 4.45 pm (excluding Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday public holidays).
  • Sales and shop access open 7 days a week 9:00am - 4:00pm 

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Drop off your pre loved paper goods, glass items, household goods, carpet, crockery and cutlery, paint, household hazardous waste, gas bottles, and unwanted electronic items including computer hardware and mobile phones.
Mandatory Standards and Permanent bans
Some items are prohibited for sale in Australia under permanent bans, as specified by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.  These items must never be sold at any time within Australia.    Other goods, including some second hand goods, are required to comply with specified requirements known as mandatory standards, before they can be sold.  A list of permanently banned items is contained within Annex A: Permanently Banned Goods.  
Items governed by mandatory standards that are permitted to be sold following inspection by staff are listed in Annex B: Mandatory Standards and Inspection Summaries.  Due to a number of factors, including resources and the absence specialist knowledge, not all items governed by Mandatory Standards are permitted for sale by the MRC, as detailed below.  
In addition to the items listed in Annex B as ‘Prohibited from Sale by the MRC’, the following items are prohibited for sale to any person, including staff;
All items that do not comply with the relevant Mandatory Standards and Permanent Bans,
Food products, inclusive of alcohol and tobacco products,
All poisons and chemicals, exclusive of domestic quantities of second hand paint products,
Medical equipment, e.g. defibrillators, life support equipment, wheelchairs, etc,
Diving (life support) equipment: Cylinders/tanks, regulators, buoyancy compensation devices. Does not include wetsuits/fins, masks etc,
Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs), both simple and complex in nature,
Height safety equipment, e.g. harnesses, safety ropes, climbing/abseiling equipment,
Breathing apparatus, e.g. respirators, masks,
Weapons (Prohibited and Controlled), as defined by the Weapons Regulations 1999 (WA).
The following items will not be permitted for resale 
Baby bath aids
Baby dummies
Baby walkers
Balloon blowing kits
Bicycle helmets
Boats / Powered Water Craft (Personal water craft permitted)
Child restraints for use in motor vehicles
Cosmetics ingredients labelling
Disposable cigarette lighters 
Elastic luggage straps
Folding cots
Household cots
Portable aerosol fire extinguishers 
Portable non-aerosol fire extinguishers
Portable ramps for motor vehicles
Portable swimming pools
Prams & strollers
Recovery straps for motor vehicles
Reduced fire risk cigarettes
Self-balancing scooters
Sunglasses & fashion spectacles
Tobacco health warnings
Toys containing lead & other elements
Trolley jacks
Vehicle Jacks
Vehicle support stands
Further information is available at the ACCC website Product Safety
4th May 2015 Tamala Park Stars
WA Weekender is a program shown on Channel 7 looking at things that people could do as a weekend activity…and of course what better activity than dropping in at Tamala Park and visiting the Tip Shop in particular.
The full series of short stories based around MRC’s work on ‘winning back waste,’ in particular the Recycling Centre and Tip Shop, has now been aired.
The segments show some of the great work that gets done at Tamala Park and gives tips on how we can all reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose wisely.

The MRC Tamala Park Waste Management Facility is open every day of the year (with the exception of Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday), from 8.00am - 4.45pm for the receival of general waste and domestic household rubbish.  Liquid waste, swill or semi-liquid waste is not accepted.
Last Updated: 9 Oct 2018
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