Bus Subsidies

A bus subsidy is offered to schools and community groups from the MRC region to help with the hire of a bus used to visit our facilities.

This subsidy is provided by the MRC and its member councils (Cities of Joondalup, Perth, Stirling, Vincent and Wanneroo, and Towns of Cambridge and Victoria Park) to assist residents to learn about waste, what happens to it and what can be done to generate less of it.
  Tamala Park or Resource Recovery Facility (Neerabup)
(2 hours)
Tamala Park and Resource Recovery Facility (Neerabup) (3.5 hours)
City of Wanneroo $200 $300
City of Joondalup $200 $300
City of Stirling $250 $350
City of Vincent, City of Perth and Town of Cambridge $300 $400
Town of Victoria Park $350 $450

How to apply?

If you are a new school or community applying for a bus subsidy please email your details prior to wasteed@mrc.wa.gov.au 
he MRC will require the following information prior to the acceptance of your invoice.
  • Contact information
  • ABN
  • Banking details

Should the cost of the bus exceed the relevant subsidy in the table above, then the school should pay the bus provider the full amount of the hire costs and then invoice MRC for the subsidy, attaching a copy of the bus invoice to their own invoice.

If the bus hire costs are the same or less than the subsidy above, then your school may wish to have the bus provider invoice MRC direct for the relevant amount after your tour has been conducted.

Last Updated: 23 Aug 2018
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