Tour activities

The MRC offer a number of tour options.

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Tamala Park pre-visit and post-visit activities (including online resources, books and DVDs)

To help teachers and students make the most of visits to Tamala Park we have a terrific booklet of information and activities that you can use before and after your tour.

This is a document in three sections; for junior, middle and senior primary. Each includes information on pre-visit activities, post-visit activities, online resources books and DVDs. There are many wonderful resources already out there.  Many of the pre-visit activities are aimed at getting the students to discuss what waste is and how it is generated around home, school and the community. This will hopefully make the tour more meaningful for them. The post-visit activities are designed to consolidate the information from the tour and the visit to the Education Centre.

You can view the booklet by clicking here.

Last Updated: 14 Dec 2015
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