Earth Carers Waste Education

Earth Carers are volunteers from the community who learn ways to protect the environment through reducing, reusing and recycling waste, and who then help to spread the message to others.


How do I become an Earth Carer?

The first step to becoming an Earth Carer is to attend one of our free training programs held twice a year. Earth Carers is all about practical ways to reduce waste.

The program comprises five sessions over 3 weeks at different venues around Perth, and includes demonstrations, tours, information and lots of creative learning.

Come and learn about, and exchange ideas, on waste issues.  Tours, information and guest speakers.

What we cover in the training programs:
  • Definition and history of waste;
  • How we reduce and deal with waste in Perth - your neighbourhood;
  • Reducing, reusing and recycling options;
  • Tour of Tamala Park landfill and Recycling Centre and the Resource Recovery Facility at Neerabup;
  • Demonstrations of reusing organics including worm farms, composting and small space composting; and
  • How to communicate the responsible waste message to others.


When is the next Earth Carers course? 

Registrations for the next Earth Carer Course will be available soon, in the meantime please feel free to complete the expression of interest form below. 

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For further information regarding the next Earth Carers Course or email the MRC Waste Education team.

Telephone: 9306 6350


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Last Updated: 9 Sep 2020