UPDATE ...Bird Management Campaign May 2021

UPDATE ...BIrd Management Campaign May 2021
Over the past two weeks, the Mindarie Regional Council has been conducting a bird management campaign to deter local birdlife from residing on the landfill and using waste as a source of food.   The effectiveness of this program has now been reviewed, with encouraging results.  An estimated 60% reduction in the number of birds seeking to use the landfill as a source of food has been observed. 

Not wanting to lose the momentum from these efforts, the MRC will now undertake a second two-week program with a more targeted approach before stopping to review progress. This program will run until Friday, 4th June 2021.

Operating between the hours of 7am and 6pm, seven days per week, the MRC will employ a range of non-lethal scaring methods to continue to scare ibis from the landfill, as permitted under the MRC’s Licence to Scare (Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions) and in consultation with an ornithologist. Due consideration will be provided to residents in close proximity to Tamala Park, with a preference for low offsite impact methods to be employed.  
The continuous use of the air cannon throughout the day will now cease in favour of sporadic and targeted use of this equipment on an as-required basis. All efforts will be made to ensure that this equipment is not pointing towards residential areas when in use.

The MRC appreciates the support of the local community as we seek to manage the responsible disposal of waste while also protecting our local wildlife.

Feedback regarding this program can be provided by contacting the MRC’s administration by phoning 9306 6303, 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday, or alternatively via email to admin@mrc.wa.gov.au
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