MRC Media Releases & News 2015

Tamala Park Stars
WA Weekender is a program shown on Channel 7 looking at things that people could do as a weekend activity…and of course what better activity than dropping in at Tamala Park and visiting the Tip Shop in particular.
The full series of short stories based around MRC’s work on ‘winning back waste,’ in particular the Recycling Centre and Tip Shop, has now been aired.
The segments show some of the great work that gets done at Tamala Park and gives tips on how we can all reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose wisely.
If you want to check the segments out now you can do so by clicking here.
MRC features in Episodes:

  9 (two segments), Verge season and Weekend party supplies
·         10, Weekend painting
·         11, Autumn gardening, and
·         13 (two segments), Winning back Waste and Recycling.
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