MRC Media Releases & News 2015

The City of Wanneroo uses planned fire to manage bushland reserves in order to protect life and community assets and maintain the biological diversity of bushland habitats.

In order to significantly reduce the summer fire risk, a hazard reduction burn has been scheduled in the bushland around Tamala Park during the week commencing, 4th May 2015.  (See map below).

The actual day of the burn will be subject to the prevailing weather conditions.  If the burn cannot be conducted during the scheduled dates, it may be completed anytime in the next month.

Please ensure that your evaporative air conditioner is turned off during this period.  It is also recommended that all doors and windows are closed to minimise the impact of smoke entering your home.

The completion of the proposed prescribed burn will provide increased strategic protection for the community from damage caused by uncontrolled bushfire events.

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