Native Animal Care on Site

As custodians of the native animals on site here at the Tamala Park Waste Management Facility the Mindarie Regional Council (MRC) has, since the opening of the site in 1991, been continuously caring for both the wildlife and their habitat.

Comprising of 157 hectares, the site provides a safe haven for many native animals who reside within our boundary and call Tamala Park home. Conscious of the need to ensure that adequate care and protection is provided to the native wildlife on site, the following programs have been adopted by the MRC to provide suitable care for our native animals:
  • Provision of water troughs which are maintained all year round 
  • Feeding troughs for the Kangaroos in the summer months, with species appropriate foodstuffs
  • Pest and vermin eradication (Fox/rabbits)
  • Revegetation programs (maintain biodiversity on site) 
  • Weed management (removing poisonous/declared/non-native prickly plants)
  • Care for sick or injured wildlife- remove from site to specialised careers
  • Regular bushland inspections
  • Surveys/reports on the condition of bushland
  • Phytophthora Management 
Whilst we enjoy the support provided by the community when it comes to responsible flora and fauna management, some activities can be detrimental to the wellbeing of native animals. Examples include residential foodstuffs such as carrots and other general grocery store items being deposited over the fence onto MRC property.
The MRC requests that the community refrains from feeding the animals on site and encourages interested parties to contact us directly should they have any questions.
Last Updated: 2 Nov 2021
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