How to secure a load

Securing a load on your vehicle is an essential component of safely delivering your waste to our facility for processing.  As each load will differ in size, weight and stability it is imperative that appropriate care and attention is applied to every load prior to commencing your journey to us, regardless if you are a commercial or domestic customer.  Potential implications of unsecured loads can include;‚Äč
  • Loose items falling from your vehicles making impact with other road users and/or pedestrians,
  • Unbalanced loads affecting the stability and handling of your vehicle/trailer,
  • Contamination of the local environment,
  • Fines from local authorities.

Load security is an important safety issue and must be taken seriously.  For further information on how to secure your load for transit see the Main Roads information sheet or alternatively download a free copy of the Load Restraint Guide for detailed instructions on load restraint and load safety

Commercial operators should also familiarise themselves with the requirements of the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation now in force in Western Australia.  For further information on CoR see Main Roads WA website, 
Last Updated: 26 Nov 2019
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