Free Asbestos Drop-off 


NEW CONDITIONS APPLY AS OF JANUARY 2018 for Free Asbestos Drop-off Every Sunday at Tamala Park
  • Free drop off of Asbestos for residents at Tamala Park is available each Sunday, conditions apply.
  • Householders are welcome to drop off asbestos that has been wrapped in heavy duty (200 micron) builders plastic and sealed with strong (duct) tape. (MRC also sells this product)    
  • Asbestos is not accepted if wrapped in bin liners. The asbestos must be delivered completely wrapped, securely tied and sealed, and clearly labelled 'CAUTION ASBESTOS'.
  • Printable 'Caution Asbestos' label click here.
  • MRC staff are unable to unload your asbestos, please ensure you have someone with you to help off-load your asbestos.
  • 165kg (approx. 3 - 4 fencing sheets) can be dropped off for free. (This quantity of asbestos is in line with the commercial guidelines for safe disposal without a licence as set by DWER).
  • For Asbestos loads over 165kg, the first 165kg will be free and the additional kg will be charged at the normal asbestos rate. (MRC Fees and Charges).
  • Pre-approvals will no longer be necessary or provided.
  • Customers may make multiple visits to a maximum of five (5) after which MRC reserve the right to refuse entry and/or charge.
  • Customer will need to fill in the Residential Asbestos Drop-off Declaration, or given by weighbridge attendant on arrival.
  • Residential Asbestos Drop-off Declaration Form click here.
  • Tips for safe disposal of asbestos click here.
  • Safety information for the removal of less than 10m2 of non-friable asbestos click here. 

Please note: This service is for private residential customers not COMMERCIAL operators to whom normal fees and charges apply.




Last Updated: 7 Nov 2019
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