Disposal Guide

Use this guide to help with disposal of residential (domestic) items.


Dark Green Lid or Red Lid Household Bins 
Household general waste. (Lid colour varies with Council).

Dark Green Lid or Light Green Lid Household Bins 
Garden (greens) waste. (Lid colour varies with Council).

Yellow Lid Household Bins
Recycling of glass, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles & containers, steel & aluminium cans.

Tamala Park Reuse & Recycling Centre
Drop off for household items to be reused or recycled. Items received are at the discretion of the MRC attendant. 

Tamala Park Transfer Station
Tamala Park Transfer Station, located over the Weighbridge. Fees and charges apply. 

Other Options



Aerial (television)

Aerosol cans (empty)

Aerosol cans (with contents)

Air bed (reusable)

Air bed (with leaks)

Air compressor

Air conditioner unit

Air filters


Alloy rims (no tyre)

Alloy wheels

Aluminium cans (rinsed)

Aluminium doors (with glass)

Aluminium doors (without glass)

Aluminium foil (clean) (scrunch into a tight ball)

Aluminium foil (dirty) (scrunch into a tight ball)

Aluminium poles, rods, sheds & sheets of metal (damaged)

Aluminium poles, rods, sheds & sheets of metal (good condition)

Aluminium windows (with glass)

Aluminium windows (without glass)



Animal bedding (disposal)

Animal burial

Animal cages (damaged)

Animal cages (good condition)

Animal droppings

Animal food dish (metal/plastic) (rinsed)

Antenna (television)

Aquatic toys


Ash (not hot)

Automotive fluids

Automotive parts

Baby bath aids

Baby dummies

Baby walkers

Bags (plastic)

Baking pots & pans

Ball point pen (broken)

Ball point pens (reusable)

Balloon blowing kits


Band aids

Basin (plastic/metal/ceramic)

Baskets (wire/plastic) (good condition)

Baskets (wire/plastic) (not reusable)

Bath (damaged)

Bath (good condition)

Bath mat (disposal)

Bath mat (reusable)

Bathroom cupboard (disposal)

Bathroom cupboard (reusable)


Batteries (dry cell)

Bean bag

Bean bag filling

Bed base

Bed frame (broken)

Bed frame (good condition)

Bedding (good condition)

Bedding (not reusable)

Beer bottles

Beer cans

Beer cartons

Bicycle helmets

Bicycle tyres


Blanket (good condition)

Blanket (not reusable)

Bleach (bottle with content)

Bleach container (empty) (rinsed)

Blind (window) (good condition)

Blind (window) (not reusable)

Boat (good condition)

Boat shell/hull (metal) (scrap)

Boat shell/hull (metal/wooden/fibreglass) (reusable)

Boat shell/hull (wooden/fibreglass) (not reusable)

Boats and powered watercraft (personal watercraft permitted)

Books (damaged)

Books (good condition)

Boots (work wear - steel toe cap)

Boxes (cardboard/cereal box)

Boxes (packaging)

Boxes (polystyrene - clean white)

Branches small