Fees & Charges

The fee a customer pays is determined by a 'weigh in, weigh out' system, calculated on a pro-rata basis of the current Schedule of Fees and Charges below.
For example, a customer who disposes of 500kg of waste would pay a fee of one-half of the price per tonne. 
To avoid paying too much, we recommend you turn LEFT upon entry to site and follow the recycling sign before going over the weighbridge. 
Here you will be able to unload at no charge:
  • Recyclable items (cardboard, polystyrene, glass bottles and jars)
  • Electronic waste
  • Household Hazardous Waste (chemicals, paint, batteries, etc)
  • Household goods and furniture that may be able to be resold at our Reuse Shop*
*Items are accepted at the attendant’s discretion


AS OF 16 JULY 2018

General Entry Price (Including GST)
Minimum entry to site $17.00

Genteral waste - price per tonne

Specified Materials  

Asbestos - price per tonne


Mattresses - per item 

(in addition to general entry rate where part of a mixed load)


Tyres - price per tonne


Small animals - per animal


Large animals - per animal


Controlled waste - per tonne


Lightweight bulk material - per cubic metre
(in addition to general entry rate where part of a mixed load)


Special burials - per cubic metre
(in addition to general waste entry)


Odorous loads - price per tonne


Car gas cylinders/industrial gas cylinders - per item


$ 65.00

Fluorescent tubes - commercial loads - per item



Clean Green Waste - price per tonne


Click here to view complete schedule of fees and charges for 2018/2019.

Card payments

Payment is accepted by VISA, MasterCard and EFTPOS including PayWave at Tamala Park. Ask at the weighbridge for more details.


Landfill Levy

To find out more about the landfill levy visit the Department of Water and Environment Regulation's website by clicking here.


Last Updated: 4 Feb 2019
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